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Simple and Delicious Pan Fried Plantains

This is how I like to cook these amazing fruits. They are the perfect side to some spicy jerked protein!

Scotch Bonnet Jerk Wings

Take a trip to the Carribbian without ever leaving your backyard. These jerk chicken wings are spiced and spicy and j...

Spicy Beet and Beet Green Coconut Curry

So you went to the market and got some beautiful beets, fresh from the field, and they still have their greens attach...

Cracklin Cornbread with Candied Jalapenos

This is hands down one of the best cornbreads I've ever made. It's sweet, spicy, savory, tender, salty, and holds tog...

Takis Fuego and Smoked Arbol Chicken Tenders

Hi chili heads! The pandemic has been limiting my grocery store trips and at times that actually helps me get creati...

Lacto Fermented Sugar Rush Peach Peppers

For these pickles I have some specialized gear but I’ll offer some alternatives for those and you can easily make th...

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