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Powerful Pepper is proud to work with local independant artists and designers. The custom branding, artwork, and illustrations created for our hot sauce and other spicy products makes each bottle a true masterpiece inside and out. Learn more about the artists below!

James Cory Webster

Visual Storyteller and Designer with over a decade of experience bringing stories to life in the entertainment industry, ranging from cartoons to comics, video games, children’s books, and much, much more.

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Edgar Lituma Soto

Litumaism is born out of a combination of themes revolving around history, culture, myths, love, and struggle. All these elements come together to form a visual narrative reinforcing central themes like the struggles of the Underdog, Love's mysticism, and historical events.

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Daniel Curran

Daniel Curran is an Atlanta-based visual artist whose passion for texture and vibrant colors is evident in his body of work. He combines a sculpted foundation with generous layers of paint resulting in brilliant heavily textured surfaces. Daniel is now balancing his work between creating new tropical landscapes along with a continuation of his portrait series.

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Dirk Hays

Dirk Hays has worked in a variety of art related fields including tattooing, puppetry, sign making and graphic design. He creates work based on his love of pop culture, comics, monsters, and general weirdness. When he's not creating art, you might find him gardening, camping with his wife and dogs or tending his chickens.

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Haley Hagle

Haley is the one and only designer behind Silver Moon Branding & Design. With a decade of design experience under her belt, she independantly runs her own agency where she serves up creative concepts to product-centric brands.

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