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Spicy Foods for Spicy People

The Powerful Pepper Company’s origins literally grew out of the garden. Jay and his dad shared a community garden plot for years and was rewarded with a lot of old-school know how. Anyone who has gardened know how productive healthy pepper plants can be, and habaneros were no different. With a few pounds coming off of four plants every week Jay had to scramble to find the most delicious way to preserve all of those spicy peppers for use all year long. All of this happening long before you could just ask google what to do.

Jay's history working in short order, and later in fine dining kitchens, helped develop a lifelong passion for sharing food and an appreciation for using ingredients of exceptional freshness and quality bring his products to life. Jay continues to keep his hands dirty in the garden and grows rare pepper varietals that can be found in some of our small bactch and small run products. We also develop the important relationships needed to source the freshest seasonal and local ingredients possible for his products. Our products are proudly manufactured locally in Georgia and Powerful Pepper Company is a locally owned, operated, and boot-strapped small business. We have been fortunate to have had many of our products earn awards from the top spicy food shows and competitions around the country.

Meet Jay

Jay is a renaissance man. He is a business and marketing executive, musician, chef, farmer, designer, reader, adventurer, linguist, and chili-head. So you can find him in the office, day dreaming about being in the garden or out on the trail cooking spicy camp meals over an open fire and enjoying some beers and tunes with friends. He combines all of his unique passions and experiences into this award-winning spicy-foods venture. He is driven to build his brand and considers it a mission to share his knowledge and love of peppers and the adventurous flavors that are possible with others.


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