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Ghost Chipotle Black Garlic Hot Sauce

Spicy Level: 8 out of 10
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Introducing the culmination of over a year and a half of relentless experimentation and passion: my Chipotle Ghost and Black Garlic Hot Sauce. Crafted with precision and dedication, this sauce represents the pinnacle of flavor exploration, where every ingredient is meticulously selected to deliver an unparalleled taste experience.

Picture this: a symphony of heat and earthiness, perfectly balanced to tantalize your taste buds. I've carefully blended a mixture of fresh and dried ghost peppers, each lending its unique intensity to the sauce. But it doesn't stop there – I've also incorporated the smoky allure of dried smoked jalapeños, complemented by the crispness of fresh jalapeños, creating layers of depth that dance on your palate.

But what truly sets this sauce apart is the addition of black garlic, a secret weapon that adds a rich, sweet complexity to every drop. As the sauce lingers on your tongue, you'll be greeted by hints of toasted cumin, weaving together a tapestry of flavors that linger long after the last bite.

From fiery tacos to sizzling fajitas, this sauce is more than a condiment – it's a culinary adventure waiting to unfold. While it complements a wide range of dishes, its true magic shines brightest when paired with Mexican and South American cuisines, where its bold flavors elevate every bite to new heights.

I'm thrilled to share my new favorite creation with you. So, dive into a world of flavor and experience the perfect harmony of heat, sweet dark garlic, and umami for days in every drop of my Chipotle Ghost and Black Garlic Hot Sauce.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Stokes
Need help with addiction!!!

Not too long ago, I sampled this sauce at Georgia's Shrimp & Grits Festival. In record time, I had my card out and I got a bottle of my own.

I couldn't anticipate what would happen next.

My poor teenaged son and I became hopelessly addicted to this sauce. It's SO good on EVERYTHING! It blends two of the best flavors on the planet (chipotle and garlic) and throws in the spicy bite of ghost pepper in a way that's surprisingly not too overwhelming.

Seriously, get this sauce. I'm a notorious cheapskate, and I'm already begging Santa to bring me a few bottles to keep up with my addiction. I'm convinced that there's nefarious witchcraft going on with the Powerful Pepper Company, because common-seeming ingredients like these shouldn't taste this phenomenal. Should they?

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